Class of 1960

November 22, 2021

The WHS Class of 1960 Bio Book is Ready

The Class of 1960 has developed and published a Bio Book that describes what our classmates have been doing for the past 61 years. It includes mini bios from nearly 80 and the names and dates of almost 100 of our 328 classmates who have died. The 36-page, full color, book also includes a web link to Al Ring’s massive history of WHS and St Matthews during the late 50’s and early 60’s, as well as a YouTube video of high school life the way we knew it.

The Bio Book is free, available in electronic form and is offered to all members of 1960 class. A form for ordering it has been sent to all members for whom we have addresses. If you have not received information for obtaining it, contact Steve Graef at or (502) 398-0117.


September 3, 2021

 WHS Class of 1960

It is disappointing to have to tell you that the WHS Class of 1960 Reunion is going to be rescheduled into 2022.  The current covid risk level in this area is very high, the hospital availability is critically low and the prospect for improvement is marginal.  Out of town classmates need some time to change travel plans and our deadline with the Owl Creek Country Club is at hand.  

Sixty dollars of each ticket will be refunded. Each paid attendee is asked to notify Carol Miller Crossman, at, by September 30, of the address for the check to be mailed. Five dollars has been utilized for envelopes, copying, postage and a non-refundable deposit.

In preparing for this year’s anticipated reunion, we developed two publications, which we would now like to share with you by Thanksgiving--and potentially continue, on a quarterly basis, until we set a date, time and place for our reunion next year. One provides a brief bio on what each of us has done since leaving Waggener. The other reports the confirmed deaths of members of our class.

To help complete the first issue of our bio booklet this year, if you have not already sent us a brief sketch, please send yours to by September 30. (Please limit it to 100 words or less, and include an email address, if you wish to share it with other classmates.)

The Committee is grateful and has truly enjoyed the contact and communication with many of you over the past year or so.  Covid is not the only situation that is testing people these days.  Our challenge is to find ways to get through them.

The WHS Class of 1960 Reunion Committee

Carol Miller Crossman, Sue Evans, Todd Gardner, Steve Graef, Judie Wylie Henderson, Jack Herman, Brent Robbins and Betsy Drautman Tyrrell 



July 23, 2021 Mystery Classmate #1


A. Carol Miller Crossman

B. Judie Wylie Henderson

C. Annie Henderson Wachtel


The answer and a new mystery classmate will be posted on Tuesday July 27, 2021.



June 7, 2021

After being delayed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Waggener High School Class of ‘60 is back in swing. Plans have been finalized for the postponed 60th Reunion (now actually 61 years since graduation) at the recently-remodeled Owl Creek Country Club in Anchorage, Ky., on Saturday, October 2, 2021, from 5 until 10 pm.


Dinner and a chance to dance to recorded music from the ‘50s and ‘60s will be the fare with lots of information being exchanged among high school buddies. The dinner, prepared by former award-winning Lilly’s chef Allen Grimm, will be buffet style with three entrees and three vegetables, a salad and desert table. A cash bar will be available.


Cost per person, including tax and gratuity, will be discounted to $65 per person if paid by August 13. Regular price will be $75 from August 13 until September 10. Late purchases after that will be $85. Make checks payable to Jack Herman and write WHS Reunion on the FOR line with the name of your guest included if applicable. Mail check to Carol Miller Crossman, 7501 Smithfield Greene Lane, Prospect KY, 40059. Please include your email address as your receipt will be sent via email. Cancellations and refunds will be accepted through September 10. Any questions or concerns, contact Steve Graef at (502) 398-0117 or, Jack Herman at (502) 387-3153 or , or Todd Gardner at (502) 551-2016 or . Due to security concerns, if no answer, leave a message and we will return the call.


We’re looking forward to a memorable evening and hope you’ll be joining us. Let’s celebrate our lasting friendships and the ability to come together in joyous harmony. Please help us find “Missing Classmates” by going to the WHS Alumni website at If you know the location of anyone on the “missing list,” please send the information to .


WHS Class of ‘60 Reunion Committee: Carol Miller Crossman, Sue Evans, Todd Gardner, Steve Graef, Judie Wylie Henderson, Jack Herman, Brent Robbins, Betsy Drautman Terrell.



Let us know your needs with a call or email and we’ll try to point you in the right direction. There are many hotels to choose from that are close to Anchorage and close to the airport depending on your preference. We’re here to help.



May 11, 2021

Class of 1960

The Reunion Committee is negotiating a venue for our 60th (now 61st) Reunion for the first or second weekend  in October.  We need your help locating our "Missing Classmates".  If you know how we can contact any of our classmates on the attached list, please email Carol Miller Crossman  at   

Click here for a link to the names of our missing classmates.

Think "Good Ol Days"

The Committee


July 6, 2020

WHS Class of 1960

The 60th Reunion Committee has decided to postpone our reunion scheduled for October 3, 2020 due to the covid 19 pandemic.   As remarkable as we are, our age puts us in a category that is unfavorable if we would be exposed to the virus.  A vaccine appears likely in early 2021.  Many of us would have wanted to put our arm around a buddy as we hoisted an adult beverage or hugged a classmate that we thought we might never see again. 

Rescheduling well into 2021 is likely to allow this and make it more secure for our out of town classmates to travel to Louisville.   The Committee is considering various options but wanted you to know the decision about October 3, 2020 so you can rearrange plans if necessary.  We will keep you informed as a date is selected – looking forward to seeing you.

Sue Evans, Todd Gardner, Steve Graef, Judie Wylie Henderson, Jack Herman, Brent Robbins and Betsy Drautman Tyrrell




The Class of 1960 will celebrate its 60th Reunion on Saturday October 3, 2020 at Owl Creek Country Club. If you are a classmate or know of any 1960 graduates, please sign up and/or encourage them to sign up on the WHS Alumni website, 1960 Profiles, to get updated information leading up to the reunion. We lack current information on 60% of our 320 classmates. Any detective work you can do to help more of the old gang participate in the upcoming festivities will undoubtedly be appreciated by those lost sheep (or maybe wildcats) that are found.
Steve Graef