Freshman Mentoring Program

Welcome Waggener Alumni!

The Alumni Association is working closely with the Freshman Academy to provide a group of Alumni that are willing to mentor students that are starting out their high school careers.  There are many reasons some students may need a mentor.  They will be identified and recommended to us through the counselor and teachers.  We are there to support and guide the students.  Sometimes they just need to someone to show up for them.  See additional information below......

We are looking for Alumni volunteers who are able to commit to one (or more) meeting a month,  during lunch/CAT time 11:20-12:30.  There will be some students that can meet before or after school but that will be the exception.  I think 30 minutes would be a good amount of time to start.  It may feel totally natural to stay for an hour if that's the direction your meeting takes you.  You can have lunch together, or just meet and talk.  I will put together some ice breakers or guidelines that may help you get started.  The most important detail will be showing up when you say you will.  We want the mentees to trust their mentors and to feel like they can count on them.  This program is about building positive relationships and lending support. 


Three things you will need to do to mentor:


*Register at


*After you have registered there is a survey called "Mentor Profile Survey" on the left hand side of the home page.  Please fill this out so we can match you with a student. The results will be sent directly to me.


*Volunteer Background check.  This can be done electronically or you can print it and bring it to the Waggener office.  It will have your social security number on it.  I filled mine out electronically and it took under two minutes.

Please contact Lori Cooper Brown if you have questions.  502-379-1335